Longveld makes remarkable things from metal, especially using stainless steel. They design and fabricate for a range of sectors including dairy, food & beverage, water and marine. Longveld are also highly sought after for working alongside artists to bring public art to life. 

The Longveld team pride themselves on their ability to collaborate with their customers and strategic partners to build trust and provide high quality, innovative solutions. Having courage, being wholehearted and showing appreciation are really important values to Longveld that guide the way in which they do things. 

Longveld works hard on sustainable practices and actively works with their industry and local community through many different initiatives to build long term connection and opportunities for young people. 

Longveld is an excellent example of where a trade or engineering career can take you… some of the most successful Waikato businesses have been founded by tradies! 

The Longveld team works four-day weeks so they can enjoy a better work-life balance. That’s just one of the reasons Light Fabrication Apprentice Azaria Weston loves working there…


Azaria Weston

Light Fabrication Apprentice



Top Career Tip

“The silly question is the one you don’t ask!”

A Chat with Azaria about her role

Azaria Weston
Longveld Light Fabrication Apprentice
Former Tauranga College student
Studied at Wintec and ATC Train Me (Hamilton)

How did you get into this work?

I was interested in engineering after I left school. I started at Longveld as a General Labourer and then began my Level 4 Light Fabrication Apprenticeship.

What sort of person do you need to be for this work?

Someone who doesn’t mind breaking a sweat! You need to be self-motivated and a confident communicator who likes working alongside all different types of people. You need to be a sponge – be open to learning different things in different ways. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Can you tell us a bit about your apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship takes a few years to complete. I have a check in every three months to see how I’m going and the progress I’m making. There’s quite a bit of self-management but if you do a few hours of study at home a week, you’ll pass with flying colours. You can talk to your workmates if you have any questions!

What have you learnt on the job so far?

Everything! From basic work with tools and handling machinery to health and safety skills. Safety is very important in this type of work, as is being aware of yourself and your surroundings. In fact, safety is one of the most important things I’ve learnt here so far. It’s important to be confident to help others – you don’t want anyone to lose a finger!

What advice would you give someone thinking about their career?

Do your research! There are lots of good articles, resources and videos on the internet. Pick up the tools and try to get some hands-on experience to know what you like. Go knock on doors and have a chat to local businesses. Put yourself out there.

What do you like about working at Longveld?

The work environment and the culture here is great. There’s a real focus on wellbeing and bringing your best self to work. Everyone is always there for each other.

Do you have any advice for maintaining a good balance between life and work?

Take some time out each day to give yourself to yourself. It’s important to keep a divide between work and home.

What’s your advice for overcoming challenges at work?

Try to step out of your shell – you might be nervous when you start but you’ll be okay! When I first started, I was nervous to work at heights or in small spaces, but you just need to stay confident in yourself. Just give everything a go and don’t be afraid.

A Day in the Life


Arrive at work for the day. The 6am start was one of the biggest things to get used to! We have a ‘toolbox meeting’ to chat to the team about what we’re working on that day and you might get some health and safety messages.


Start your tasks for the day. You might be working on different jobs each day doing things like welding or metal polishing.


Take a break and catch up with the team.


Back on the tools! It’s always good to maintain a clean working environment so when you finish up a job you need to clean up around you and vacuum or sweep the area.




In the workshop finishing up the day’s tasks. We’re always working on improvement.


Finish up for the day. Clean up your workspace and tidy away your tools, ready for the next day.

Sometimes there is a chance to do a bit of overtime or I head home and do a bit of study for my apprenticeship.

A career at Longveld

For Longveld People and Cultural Manager Deb MacCauley, finding the best people to work in the team is important. We asked Deb what she looks for in a young team member…

“Young people who are motivated and passionate about doing a great job, hungry to learn new things and be the very best.”

Longveld looks for people who

  • Are motivated life-long learners
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Are problem solvers
  • Like a challenge
  • Don’t mind mucking in and getting dirty
  • Love working with their hands
  • Take pride in their work

Overall, they look for the person who displays their team values to ensure the right fit for their organisation

Useful School Subjects

  • Maths
  • English
  • Engineering
  • Metal Technology

What’s it like to work for Longveld?

“I think something that sets us apart as an organisation are our values and our culture. Our values are courage, wholeheartedness and appreciation. When I’m inducting new people, the one thing I always say is “bring your whole self to work”. We know that everyone is different, life happens outside work, and everyone has things going on – and that’s okay! You can bring that with you here. When you drive in the gate, you shouldn’t feel like you have to be anyone different to who you are at home. We are a whānau and our diversity makes us the awesome team we are. We care about people, it’s not just a job.”

– Deb MacCauley, People and Culture

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