Manulife Forest Management

Manulife Forest Management manages about 235,000 hectares of New Zealand plantation forests on behalf of their clients.

With central region office based in Tokoroa and forests under management in Waikato, Northland, Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Hawkes Bay regions, Hancock employ more than 100 people and thousands of contractors every year.

Team members are involved in a wide variety of forest management functions including harvesting, engineering, silviculture, forest health, mapping and resource analysis, health and safety, management, environmental management, accounting, finance and sales and marketing.

New Zealand has an estimated 1.79 million hectares planted in production forests. Silviculture workers improve tree growth for sustainability and economic benefit. Forestry and logging workers may do some of the following:

  • prepare and maintain the ground surrounding trees
  • use computer programmes and drones to plan and manage work
  • plant, prune, weed and thin trees
  • monitor and measure the growth of trees and forests
  • gather aerial data about a tree crop
  • select and cut down trees
  • use harvesting machinery to drag logs from the bush and remove branches
  • operate loaders to move logs into stacks or onto trucks
  • use machines to assess log quality, and cut to size
  • measure and grade logs
  • maintain and repair chainsaws and equipment
  • deliver logs by truck or train to customers and wharves

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