New technologies, modernisation and border closures mean there is a soaring demand for IT professionals, including developers and data engineers, as well as people who are:
» great communicators
» problem solvers
» creators 

“We are trying to bust the myth that this sector is only about coding. In fact, there are a diverse range of exciting roles for all types of people. These include marketing, partner management, graphic design, customer success, UI/UX design (user interface and user experience), analysis, product management and more.”

– Jeremy Johnson – Rocketspark Founder

Cyber security professionals have been in high demand for several years, and because of an increase in remote working practices in 2020, this demand remains high. The business disruption due to the pandemic has led to a high demand for developers and data engineers, and candidates with communication skills, creativity and problem-solving skills are also highly sought after.

Waikato has a strong tech sector which is punching above its weight in exports and growth says CultivateIT, an association committed to nurturing and retaining talent in the region, supporting technology and related initiatives and advancing Waikato as a regional technology powerhouse.

Waikato was the region with the most tech sector revenue growth in 2017, up 21.7% from the previous year and again in 2018, up 16.3% which was equivalent to a $119 million increase (TIN 100 Report).

Job and Pay Examples in the Technology Industry

Cloud Architect$140K to $230KGood
Cloud Engineer$120K to $180KGood
Cyber Security Analyst$110K to $140KGood
Cyber Security Engineer$120K to $160KGood
Cyber Security Manager$130K to $180KGood
Data Analyst$80K to $125KGood
Data Engineer$110K to $160KGood
Data Scientist$110K to $160KGood
Desktop Support$60K to $80KGood
Front End Developer$100K to $135KGood
Full Stack Developer$115K to $160KGood
Game Developer$60K to $100KPoor
IT Manager$130K to $170KGood
Mobile Apps Developer$100K to $150KGood
Network Engineer$90K to $120KGood
Network Architect$130K to $160KGood
Platform Engineer$120K to $180KGood
Penetration Tester$120K to $170KGood
Scrum Master$120K to $150KGood
UI/UX Designer$100K to $145KGood
Animator/Digital Artist $21 to $75 Average

*Rates are based on full time work and are an indication only.

Technology Qualifications

» Wintec

Bachelor of Applied Information Technology
NZ Certificate in Information Technology (Level 5)
NZ Certificate in Computing (Level 3)
Range of Graduate Diplomas

» University of Waikato

Bachelor of Computer Science (BCompSc)
Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences with Honours (BCMS (Hons))
Bachelor of Design (BDes)
Bachelor of Business (BBus) (Digital Business major)
Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours (BMS  (Hons)) (Digital Business major)

» Vision College

NZ Diploma in Web Development and Design (Level 5)
NZ Diploma in Software Development (Level 6)

Meet the Waikato young people at work in the Technology Industry!

Chantal Gellert
Customer Success Team Leader & Events Coordinator »

Tyron Noble
Graphic and Digital Designer  »

Ally-Jane McDonald
Digital Designer »

Christian Conder
Software Developer »


Creative industries generate billions of dollars and more than 100,000 jobs in New Zealand, not only in the creative sector but as a supporter of other industries.

Creative careers cover visual and performing arts, design, digital technologies, the film industry, events and much more.

Opportunities in this sector range from generating creative products within local communities to leading innovation for global businesses.

Creative skills are transferable across every other pathway – every workplace needs creative people across a wide variety of roles (e.g. engineer, chef, architect, event manager, marketing manager… all of these people need to tap into their creativity!). If you are a person who can come up with creative ways to grow a business or solve a problem, you will get noticed! (

Keen on a Creative Career? You could…

Work in a creative sector

Though finding work can be challenging

Be creative in another sector

Like engineering or marketing…

Start your own business

To sell your own products or services

Work a day job

To fund your creative activities on the side

Job and Pay Examples in the creative Industry

ActorVaries widelyPoor
Animator/Digital Artist$55K to $120KAverage
Architect$60K to $140KAverage
ArtistVaries widelyPoor
Artistic DirectorVaries widelyPoor
AuthorDepends on successPoor
Barber/Hairdresser$48K to $100KAverage
DancerVaries widelyPoor
EntertainerVaries widelyPoor
Fashion Designer$48K to $160KPoor
Graphic Designer$65K to $105KAverage
Interior Designer$55K to $120KAverage
Industrial Designer$60K to $120KAverage
Jeweller$48K to $100KAverage
Journalist$48K to $100KPoor
Make-up ArtistVaries widelyGood
Media ProducerVaries widelyPoor
MusicianVaries widelyPoor
Radio Presenter$48K to $90KPoor
Tattoo ArtistVaries widelyPoor
Television PresenterVaries widelyPoor
Film/Video Editor$27Poor
Photographer$25 to $250Average

*Rates are based on full time work and are an indication only.


Jobs requiring Te Reo Māori and mātauranga Māori (knowledge) and kaupapa/tikanga Māori continue to grow. A variety of businesses across all sectors increasingly seek team members who bring a Māori perspective to the workplace, so they can better serve their communities and grow.

These roles might include…

» Te Reo Māori Tutors
» Research and development advisors
» Policy and strategy advisors
» Senior leadership positions
» Kaitiakitanga (environmental leadership)
» Lawyers
» Education specialists
» Health and social workers

Aotearoa also has a strong, contemporary Māori arts community. Many Māori design, create, market and sell indigenous art or products.

Did you know?

Government support for the cultural sector (a $374 million Covid-19 recovery programme) has resulted in more cultural sector jobs predicted through to 2026, and the sector performing better than forecast. (

Renata Te Wiata
Head Carver »

Khaysharn Kingi-Takoko
Kapa Haka Performer  »

Photo: Te Hookioi. Used with permission.

Creative Qualifications

Whether you are looking to study at the University of Waikato or Wintec, qualification options include…

» Wintec

Bachelor of Contemporary Art
Bachelor of Design
Bachelor of Media Arts (Hons)
Bachelor of Music and Performing Arts

» University of Waikato

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Bachelor of Design (BDes)
Bachelor of Music (BMus)


People are becoming more aware that a work-life balance is important in maintaining mental and physical wellbeing, and as a result the recreation industry is growing.

Recreation Aotearoa says the recreation industry encompasses the people, places, organisations, and processes that enable recreation experiences to occur.


Some examples include…

» Organised sport
» Fitness
» Outdoor activities
» Crafts
» Music
» The arts
» Family and community events

The sports and recreation sector shows good signs of growth compared to when the pandemic first hit and was the top industry for job advert growth in July and August 2020 (Seek).

Seek also says the health and well-being sectors will be growth industries, with New Zealanders increasingly taking their well-being into their own hands.

This includes a range of jobs, such as:

» Nutritionists
» Dietitians
» Wellness coaches
» Yoga instructors
» Personal Trainers
» Physiotherapists

A career in this sector might be for you if you are:

» A great communicator
» Well organised
» Interested in helping people
» Patient and mature
» Enthusiastic
» Able to motivate others
» Able to relate to a wide range of people

Job and Pay Examples in the Recreation Industry

Event Manager$48K to $75KAverage
Outdoor Recreation Guide$48K to $58KPoor
Recreation Coordinator$48K to $83KGood
Recreational Diver$48 to $49KAverage
Sports Coach/Official$48K to $80KPoor
Diversional Therapist$28 to $50Good
Personal Trainer$23 to $90Good

*Rates are based on full time work and are an indication only.

Recreation Qualifications

Whether you are looking to study at the University of Waikato or Wintec, qualification options include…

» Wintec

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science
Certificate in Exercise (Level 4 and Level 5)
Certificate in Outdoor Adventure Education (Level 4)

» University of Waikato

Bachelor of Health, Sport and Human Performance (BHSHP)
Certificate in Health, Sport and Human Performance (Cert HSHP)

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