How many do you tick?

Necessary for all jobs and industries

No matter what pathway you’re headed down, your future boss will expect certain “soft” skills from you. These are skills such as…

» having a positive attitude
» turning up on time
» doing your best
» good communication skills
» the ability to work well in a team

These are employability skills you can be developing at any time. How are you doing? Have a look at the employability skills below.

Positive Attitude

Waiaro Pai

  • I am positive and have a “can do” attitude.
  • I am optimistic, honest and show respect.
  • I am happy, friendly and enthusiastic.
  • I am motivated to work hard towards goals.


Whitiwhiti Korero

  • I understand, and reflect on, the way I communicate and how it affects others.
  • I ask questions when unsure or unclear.
  • I understand how employers, employees and customers communicate.
  • I speak, listen and share ideas appropriately.

Team Work

Mahi Ngātahi

  • I work well with others to complete tasks and meet goals.
  • I contribute to new ideas or approaches.
  • I work well with others of different genders, cultures or beliefs.
  • I recognise the authority of supervisors and managers, and follow directions.

 Self Management


  • I arrive on time, with appropriate clothing and equipment.
  • I understand, and reflect on, my own words, actions and behaviours.
  • I show commitment and responsibility.
  • I am dependable, follow instructions and complete assigned tasks.
  • I am responsible for my own health and wellbeing, and follow health and safety guidelines.
  • I am clean, tidy and smell fresh.

Willingness to Learn

He hiahia ki te ako

  • I am willing to learn new tasks, skills and information.
  • I am curious and enthusiastic about the job, organisation and industry.
  • I look for opportunities to work more effectively to make the organisation better.
  • I accept advice and learn from feedback.

Thinking Skills (problem solving and decision making)

Ngā pukenga whakaaro (rapa rongoā te tuku whakatau)

  • I identify and assess options before making a decision.
  • I recognise problems and use initiative to find solutions.
  • I think about consequences before I act.
  • I recognise when I need to seek advice.



  • I adapt and am flexible in new and changing situations.
  • I handle challenges and setbacks and do not give up.
  • I am able to seek support and help when needed.
  • I recognise and accept mistakes and learn from them.

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