Service Industries

Business, Hospitality and Tourism

The service industry covers a wide range of customer-focused roles, including business, retail, tourism, and hospitality. Experience in this sector gives you transferable skills to help you progress into a broad range of careers.

Do you have… 

» Great people skills
» Good attention to detail
» An ability to speak and listen well
»  An affinity for working in a team?

These employability skills are ideal for careers in this sector!

Did you know?

The hospitality and tourism sectors collectively bring $40 billion per year into the New Zealand economy and employ more than 400,000 people ( Many people work in this sector in a part-time or casual basis while they study in other areas, and some go on to management or to own their own business.

If you’re a “people person” then this could be the pathway for you. With experience and a great attitude there are opportunities to move into more senior supervisory or managerial roles.

Business Services

Studying business and working in the business sector prepares you to thrive in today’s rapidly changing global marketplace and empowers you to play a part in helping organisations run their operations in a responsible, relevant, way.  It also helps you develop a great set of transferable skills such as…


  • decision-making
  • innovation
  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • communication
  • sales and marketing
  • strategic thinking
  • financial literacy

People who work in this sector may go on to start their own business, or to contract out services in their area of expertise. For example:

      • Marketing
      • Human resources
      • Accounting
      • Public relations
      • Communications

Employment growth by occupation will see specialist managers, office managers, programme administrators, business professionals, HR and marketing professionals experience great increases in job numbers. (MBIE)

Did you know?

In 2017, over 27 000 people were employed in business and finance services in the Waikato region (

Meet the Waikato young people at work in the Service Industries!

James Apperley
Business Advisor »

Paris Miller
Communication & Engagement Advisor »

Christian Gore
Head Chef »

Jasmine Amai
Digital Marketing and Events Assistant »

Renee Cross
Front of House Team Leader »

Meenal Budkuh
HR Coordinator »

Stacey McIntosh
Business Enterpreneur »

Stevie Ward
People & Capability Advisor »

Job and Pay Examples in the Business Services Industry

Accountant$70K to $165KGood
Accounts Officer$48K to $82KGood
Advertising Specialist$48K to $150KAverage
Barrister$63K to 4131KAverage
Communications Professional$110K to $180KGood
Contact Centre Worker$45K to $65KGood
Finance Manager$87K to $170KGood
Financial Advisor$80K to $150KGood
Health and Safety Advisor$51K to $125KGood
Human Resources Advisor$70K to $200KAverage
Management Consultant$61K to $102KAverage
Managing Director/CE$200K to $1.2MGood
Marketing Specialist$55K to $170KAverage
Office Adminstrator$48K to $65KAverage
Office Manager$60K to $85KAverage
Personal Assistant$55K to $110KPoor
Project Manager$90K to $170KGood
Purchasing/Supply Officer$55K to $170KGood
Receptionist$48K to $65KAverage
Recruitment Consultant$48K to $130KAverage
Sales and Marketing Manager$95K to $258KGood
Sales Representative$50K to $100K+Average
Solicitor$62K to $131KPoor

Business Qualifications

Whether you are looking to study at the University of Waikato, Wintec Te Pūkenga or Vision College, options include…

» University of Waikato

Bachelor of Business (BBus)
Bachelor of Communication Studies (BCS)
Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours (BMS (Hons))
Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

» Te Pūkenga

Bachelor of Applied Management
NZ Certificate in Business (Level 3 and 4)
Business (Level 5)
Range of graduate diplomas

» Vision College

NZ Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 3)
NZ Certificate in Security (Level 3)


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Vision College
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Hospitality Services

The hospitality and tourism sectors collectively bring $40 billion per year into the New Zealand economy and employ more than 400,000 people (

Work as a hospitality worker can include:

  • customer service
  • serving and providing bar service
  • providing restaurant table service
  • café and counter service
  • clearing used dishes, cutlery and glassware from dining and drinking areas
  • supervising and coordinating the activities of hotel porters and other staff
  • explaining and enforcing safety regulations in hotels
  • carrying luggage and escorting guests
  • housekeeping work in hotels
  • booking tours, taxis and restaurants for guests

“The most important skill right now is adaptability, especially in our ever-changing environment. Domestic tourism is growing, and Waikato is well-placed to take advantage of this, with 2.8 million people living within a three-hour drive of Hamilton.”

 – Jason Dawson, Hamilton & Waikato Tourism Chief Executive

Job prospects for hospitality workers are good. Opportunities are expected to increase as the global economy strengthens and tourism increases. High job turnover also contributes to making it easier for new workers to enter this occupation. Income is below average, but that reflects the high proportion in the industry who work part-time (

Job and Pay Examples in the Services Industry

Chef $42K to $100K Good
Hotel/Motel Manager $42K to $90K Good
*Rates are based on full-time work and are an indication only.
Bartender $20 to $22 Good
Café/Restaurant Manager $20 to $34 Good
Café Worker $20 to $22 Good
Hotel Porter $20 to $22 Good
Kitchen Hand $20 to $22 Good
Waiter/Waitress $20 to $21 Good
*Rates are based on full-time work and are an indication only.

Hospitality Qualifications

» Wintec

Culinary Arts (Level 4 and 5)
Restaurant and Barista Services (Level 3)
Bar and Restaurant Services (Level 4)

WATCH: Waikato young people at work in Service Industry careers

Apprentice Chef
Montana Food and Events

Head Chef
Montana Food and Events

Retail Services

The retail and retail supply chain sector are the largest within the Service sectors. It contributed more than $41,000 million to New Zealand’s GDP in 2019 and provided 16.6% of all New Zealand jobs. In the Waikato, it is predicted that there will be almost 34,000 jobs in retail by 2025. (

COVID-19 brought about many changes in the way people shop and online shopping is a rapidly growing part of New Zealand’s retail industry. According to BDO New Zealand, the number of retail stores are decreasing while the number of people employed by the retail sector is rising.

Job and Pay Examples in the Retail industry

Retail Sales Assistant $42K to $48K Average
Retail Manager $42K to $60K Average
*Rates are based on full-time work and are an indication only.
Storeperson $20 to $30K Good
*Rates are based on full-time work and are an indication only.

General Job and Pay Examples in the Service industry

Caretaker $20 to $26 Poor
Cleaner $20 to $24 Good
Nanny/Child Carer $20 to $26 Average
Security Guard $20 to $70 Good
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