Mahi’s varied and fun for Brella’s Digital Marketing & Events Assistant Jasmine – Ngāti Kahungunu & Ngāi Tūhoe – one of the friendly faces behind FutureForce® Careers Hub.

Employed by Brella Projects, Jasmine works across a range of projects for Smart Waikato Trust, FutureForce® Careers Hub and Waikato Engineering Careers Association. 

Jasmine’s role includes:

  • Filming and editing videos for FutureForce®
  • Building webpages for different websites
  • Helping with events such as Career Expos
  • Interviewing and photographing young people
  • Helping deliver workshops
  • Producing reels or other content for the socials
  • Assisting with careers resource development
  • Shopping! (AKA. organising office supplies and catering)

It’s interesting and fast-paced – no two days are the same!

Jasmine Amai

Digital Marketing and Events Assistant

Jasmine’s key advice to young people thinking about their future is to not underestimate the value they can offer, even if they are nervous or feel like they have little experience. 

“Be bold, take a leap of faith, and do the hard thing anyway! I was nervous when I started but with time and support from a great team I was able to overcome this. If you commit to turning up and working hard, you will find an employer prepared to give you a great opportunity.”

Check out the other words of wisdom Jasmine has to share about starting work, and more about her role as Digital Marketing and Events Assistant…

Top Career Tip

“There’s no growth in the comfort zone, so get comfortable outside of it.”

A Chat with Jasmine about her role

Jasmine Amai
Digital Marketing & Events Assistant

Former Hillcrest High School Student

Ngāti Kahungunu & Ngāi Tūhoe

How did you get into this role?

It was a “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” kind of moment. I was involved with organising a careers expo at my school and my teacher recognised I had some potential so put me forward. I had just finished year 13 and wasn’t a hundred percent sure what I was going to do after school, when Brella offered me a cadetship role as Projects Assistant. 

Brella is passionate about rangatahi so this is something, as a rangatahi myself, I live and breathe. Seeing an organisation that is just as passionate as I am got me interested. I believe that sharing core values with your workplace is so important.

So, what does a digital marketing & events assistant do?

An easier question to ask would be, “what don’t I do?”! I assist the team across different and exciting projects, mostly to do with youth employability. It can look like:

  • Filming and editing videos
  • Building webpages
  • Helping with events
  • Interviewing young people
  • Helping deliver workshops
  • Presenting videos
  • Admin tasks

It’s interesting, fun and varied – no two days are the same!

What do you love about what you do?

Something I love about my job is the variety. I come into work most days and most of the time can’t predict what I’m going to be getting up to – this keeps it exciting. I also love how despite being pretty new to the workforce, my ideas and contributions are all considered and listened to. I’m working with people a lot more qualified and experienced than me, but they understand that you can learn from anyone and as a young person, I value that so much.

What have you learnt on the job?

I’ve learnt lots of different skills such as: computer skills, building websites, how to film and edit videos, design work and reporting.

I am quite a perfectionist and although this can be a strength, this is also a big learning block for me. Starting out I put such a high expectation on myself for everything I did to be perfect. I’ve since learnt that perfection is unattainable however, I can still try my best to produce a high quality of work. I also learned that it’s okay to ask for help and you don’t need to know everything straight away. Questions are good!

What are some of the challenges you've overcome when transitioning from school to work?

The desire to sleep in!

There were lots of little challenges that pushed me out of my comfort zone like getting used to answering phone calls on a regular basis (before I would only text people), sending and answering emails, etc. I remember on my first week of starting out here, I was already in front of the camera for a video! I was so nervous but with time and support from a great team I was able to overcome these challenges by doing them regularly and not backing away from them. Sometimes the only way to overcome a challenge is to charge forward with it.

Work can be similar to school, but in more ways than one it is very different. For example, on a school day if I woke up late and missed class, I would be only letting myself down as my choices only affect my study. Whereas at work you have a greater responsibility to your team and organisation, as they are relying on you to turn up. Going pretty much straight out from school into the workforce took some adapting and changing of habits, however having an understanding team made all the difference.


What advice do you have for keeping balanced/managing stress?

My advice is to have a life outside of your work. Explore interests, spend time with friends and whānau. Do things that inspire you to wake up in the morning. Having things to look forward to in both work and life (separate to each other) will help that boundary between the two to establish itself.

What do you wish you had known when you left school?

Don’t doubt yourself, you have something valuable to offer. Everyone has something that only they can bring to the table with their individual outlook, experiences, and skills – lean into yours and use that for your benefit. At first when I got offered my position I felt underqualified and almost declined the opportunity out of doubt in myself and my abilities. Be bold, take a leap of faith and do the hard thing anyway!


Something I wish I’d known was to get my drivers license as soon as I could – or at least sit for my learners. You’re only going to get busier as you get older, and I wish I’d made it a priority to get it. The independence to drive yourself around makes employment/education options so much more accessible. Many employers won’t hire people who don’t at least have their restricted either, so it just opens up your options.


Where would you like to go with your career?

At this point in time, I’m still navigating what I’d like to do. For the meantime I’m wanting to learn as much as I can: skills, experiences, knowledge, etc. As long as I am moving forward, taking up opportunities, and keeping open-minded, I’m happy to continue with this.

Becoming a Digital Marketing & Events Assistant

What sort of person do you recommend for this type of work?

  • Friendly
  • Able to work in a team
  • Open-minded and respectful of diversity
  • Willing to learn
  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Creative
  • Organised and energetic
  • Forgiving of self – giving yourself room to learn, and knowing that you can’t get everything perfect from the get go
  • Self-managing
  • Not afraid to ask questions

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