Manufacturing, Engineering and Logistics

There is a mixture of skilled jobs across this sector… something to suit just about everyone. Careers in manufacturing, engineering and logistics offer opportunities to make new discoveries, solve problems and make a practical difference to the world around you.

Is a job in the manufacturing sector right for you? Find out!

Are you…?

    • Interested in making things work
    • Skilled with your hands
    • Inquisitive
    • Interested in innovation and improvement
    • Passionate about the environment
    • Able to think outside the box
    • Comfortable using science and technology
    • Interested in operating vehicles and specialised equipment
    • Able to follow schedules and enjoy planning and using efficient systems

Do you have skills in the following areas?

    • Design
    • Technical
    • Computer
    • Creative
    • Manual skills

If you can tick some, or all, of the above, and you’re keen to learn and reliable, you are likely to be in demand in this booming sector!

 Job and pay examples in Manufacturing, Engineering and Logistics

Chemical Engineer$100KGood
Civil Engineering Technician$50K to $110KGood
Civil Engineer$90K to $110KGood
Electrical Engineer$77K to $210KGood
Electronics Engineer$100KGood
Engineering Machinist$44K to $103KGood
Environmental Engineer$65K to $140KGood
Fabrication Engineer$60K to $80K+Average
Fire Engineer$70K to $180KGood
Importer/Exporter$47K to $75KAverage
Mechanical Engineer$85K to $105KGood
Mechanical Engineering Technician$48K to $140KGood
Production Manager$80K to $150KAverage
Refrigeration/Air conditioning Technician$50K to $95KGood
Welder$60K to $125KGood
Automotive Electrician$32 to $45Good
Automotive Refinisher$23 to $38Good
Automotive Technician$25 to $45Good
Bus Driver$27 to $30Good
Delivery Driver$23 to $25Good
Electrical Engineering Technician$23 to $43Good
Forklift Operator$23 to $24Good
Furniture Packer/Mover$23 to $26Good
Heavy Truck Driver$23 to $45Good
Metal Worker$23 to $29Poor
Plastics Technician$23 to $34Good
Plastics Worker$23 to $25Average
Roadmarker$23 to $40Average
Tow Truck Operator$23 to $35Good


Manufacturing jobs may be for you if you are interested in:

        • wood, metals, textiles, chemicals or other materials
        • making or processing food or beverages
        • using technology to develop and monitor production
        • working with your hands
        • managing and planning production.

Did you know?

The manufacturing sector employs more than 25,000 people in the Waikato Region. This vital sector largely services on-farm engineering requirements, transportation, food processing and packaging.

In the year ending March 2018, Manufacturing contributed over $2.3 billion dollars to Waikato GDP (


Engineers are problem solvers – they apply technical and practical knowledge to solve real world problems and find new opportunities to improve the world around us.

The engineering industry is growing at an incredible pace and there is a critical demand for locally trained professionals.  Many Waikato employers offer “earn as you learn” opportunities such as apprenticeships and internships.

Engineering Job Examples


Civil Engineers design, plan, organise and oversee the building of structures such as dams, bridges, gas and water supply systems, sewerage systems and roads.


Mechatronics Engineers combine mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering systems, alongside computer science, robotics and other technological disciplines, to create innovative and smart solutions. In Waikato mechatronics technology is useful for high-value food production (e.g. dairy) and forestry, as well as high-value manufacturing and infrastructure upgrade. Job examples include system engineer, computer-aided engineer, robotics engineer, automation engineer or product design and development.


Mechanical Engineers may weld, machine, bend, cut or shape light and heavy steel, including stainless, carbon or mild steel, aluminium and galvanised sheet, build special purpose machines or engage in precision tool making design and product development.


Electrical Engineers specify, design and supervise the construction or manufacture of systems and equipment that produce, distribute and/or use electricity.  They also maintain, operate and manage these systems and equipment.

What’s your best advice to someone looking at this kind of work?

“Do your research first and pick up the tools to get some hands-on experience. That way you’ll work out what you like doing. Don’t be afraid to get yourself out there… go knock on doors and have a chat to local businesses.”

– Azaria Weston – Longveld Light Fabrication Apprentice 

Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics careers play a vital role in the New Zealand economy and there is a shortage of talent. Consequently, there is a drive for greater diversity of age and gender within companies. Candidates with suitable driving licences are in high demand, especially moving up the licensing chain to Class 5 (heavy combination vehicle).

Transport employs 108,000 people across New Zealand, 4% of the total workforce (

The Waikato region covers a large geographical area and encompasses several nationally important sectors. Our regional land transport system plays an important role in supporting the diverse transport needs of the region for our people and for the regional and national economy (


Whether you are looking to study at the University of Waikato, Wintec, Vision College or gain a qualification that has a practical vocational focus there are many options within the Manufacturing, Engineering and Logistics sector including:

» University of Waikato

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (BE(Hons)
Diploma in Engineering Management (Dip EM)

» Vision College

NZ Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Level 3)

» Wintec

Bachelor of Engineering Technology
Graduate Diploma in Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering (Level 3)
Mechanical Engineering (Level 5)
Electrical Engineering (Level 3)

ABOUT WECA – Waikato Engineering Careers Association (WECA) members are engineering and manufacturing employers and educators committed to fostering a vibrant and sustainable engineering sector by attracting and developing engineers for the future. »

Meet the young Waikato people working in Manufacturing and Engineering





Heavy Diesel Mechanic



General Engineering


Light Fabrication

Automotive Technician

Heavy Structural Engineering Apprentice

Automotive Technician Apprentice

Light Fabrication Apprentice

CNC Laser Programmer


Technical Cadet

Heavy Fabrication Apprentice

Apprentice Toolmaker

Product Development engineer

CNC Draughtsman

CNC Junior Operator

Fabrication Apprentice

Auto Engineer


Heavy Diesel Mechanics

Field Service

Mechanical Engineer Apprentice




WATCH: Waikato young people in Manufacturing, Engineering and Logistics careers

Technical Cadet
Sealed Air

Mechanical Service Manager
CAL Isuzu

Light Fabrication Apprentice
Stafford Engineering

Engineering Apprentice
Stafford Engineering


Fairview Educational Services

Apprentice Diesel Mechanic
Giltrap AgriZone


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