Electrical Engineering


“I was born in Auckland and grew up on a farm in South Auckland, where I was homeschooled for my entire education. I am of Ngāti Māhanga descent, and my marae is Te Papa-o-Rotu. My past work experience was nearly seven years as an audiovisual technician. However, after losing my job due to Covid, I started work at my local supermarket delivering groceries around the local community during the lockdown. Once things started getting back to normal, I knew that I needed to figure out what to do next. I needed a secure future for my wife and me. A trade qualification seemed like a great option. It meant I could take advantage of the Government’s Targeted Trades Apprenticeship Fund, which means specific courses are fees-free. I chose Wintec, as commuting from South Auckland, the trip to Hamilton has a lot less traffic than if I tried to drive into Auckland each day. I am studying the Electrical Engineering Level 6 programme at the Rotokauri Campus. It has some similarities to my previous work, so it could be relevant if I ever want to get back into the industry. But it also means I can continue down the path of being an electrical engineer in the future, which is another option.”

 “I am not sure of what the future holds for me. But for now, I am enjoying getting some more experience and qualifications under my belt.”