Collins Automotive Technicians has a strong history in the Hamilton automotive industry, growing from a staff of just three people in 2011 to about 20 technicians working from a high-profile, high-spec Kahikatea Drive site.

Owner-operators Jason and Carley Land bought the original auto-electrical business in 2011 and are passionate not only about growing their own business but about growing skills and capability across their sector.

They are passionate about training their team members and taking on keen and enthusiastic learners to keep at the forefront of latest auto-electrical technology.

Collins sets the standard with an organised, clean, state-of-the-art, complete car care complex, keeping them at the top of their game. Gone are the days of messy workshops filled with men – many young women are cutting their teeth in the sector and going on to lead the way as great technicians.

The FutureForce® team caught up with Automotive Electrician Apprentice Callum Cameron to find out more…


Callum Cameron

Automotive Electrican Apprentice


Top Career Tip

“Having the drive and motivation for the job is more important than knowing everything.”

A Chat with Callum about his role

Callum Cameron

Former Hamilton Boys High School Student
Automotive Electrician Apprentice

How did you get into this work?
I was looking for something to do after I left school because I wasn’t too keen on uni. I enjoyed hands-on stuff so I thought trades would be a good idea. Someone mentioned automotive electrical so I had a chat to the school careers teacher and she ended up finding me some work experience here at Collins.
What got you interested in this type of work?
I’ve always loved cars. I grew up around them and my family was interested in them. I had quite a passion for it so I thought it would be a good opportunity to merge it into a job.
What do you enjoy about your job?
It’s got a good range of work – you’re never doing the same thing. Lots of different things on different cars and different challenges. You’re always kept busy.
What are some of the differences between work and school?
It’s quite a big jump going from school to working full time. I came straight from school so that was a big factor – I was kind of thrown in the deep end! But I was really welcomed into the workplace and felt comfortable asking questions. It’s a welcoming environment so that helped me get used to the change.
What school subjects do you find useful for this kind of work?
Physics was helpful to have some knowledge on things like electrical currents. Metal tech or any workshop type subjects are good to get used to the environment and the tools.
What are your goals and ambitions for your future?
Getting qualified is the main one. Then I just want to continue growing and learning and see how far I can go.
What’s your advice to someone starting out in this kind of work?
Make sure you arrive on time and put the effort in, and ask lots of questions when you get started!

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REV up your automotive career with collins

“Our big strength is our passion about what we all do and a genuine energy to learn and grow. That’s a huge part of what I think inspires our team to do the very best for our customers every day.”

 – Jason Land, Manager Director of Collins Automotive Technicians

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