CAL Isuzu is a Hamilton-based industry leader in new and used trucks, modifying hundreds of heavy vehicles each year to meet customer demand.

With the latest models and access to the newest technology, the CAL Isuzu team is stoked when the alarm goes off in the morning because they love what they do.

They get a kick out of working with new technology, making modifications and performing maintenance to keep their customers on the road.

The FutureForce® Team sat down with Automotive Engineering Apprentice Chris Vebesky, former Hillcrest High School student, to talk about his career and what makes him tick!

Chris Vebesky

Automotive Engineering Apprentice



A Chat with Chris about his role

How did you get started in work?

My friend was doing an apprenticeship here and mentioned that the engineering department at CAL was looking for apprentices. My dad and my grandfather are engineers and so I’ve always been interested in engineering. I came in for an interview and got the job! I’ve been here for 4 years now.

What have you learnt on the job so far?

Everything I do on a daily basis! I use skills like welding and practical maths every day.

What are some highlights of your job?

Things are constantly changing so you’re never doing the same thing twice. It keeps the job interesting! It could be a new build, you could be doing repairs, you could be making parts… there’s a lot of variety.

What's your advice for someone getting started in the world of work?

Try lots of different things to find what you like. Do your best to get your foot in the door, by getting work experience and talking to friends, family and employers to see what opportunities might be out there.

What are your future career ambitions?

I’d love to build spaceships!

A Day in the Life


Arrive at work and get a cup of coffee! I clock in and check in with my 2IC (second in command) to find out the day’s tasks.


On the tools. I could be solving problems, doing repairs, making parts or building something from scratch.


Stop for a break and catch up with the boys


Continue the tasks for the day




At the end of the day, I fill out a job task sheet with my hours, what I worked on and if we had any surprises or things we didn’t expect on the job.


Clean out the bay, sweep up and head home!

If you want to drive your career forward with CAL Isuzu, they’ll give you opportunities to do just that. They know that every team member has something unique to contribute, and they are always looking for motivated people to join the following teams:

      • Mechanical
      • Electrical
      • Fabrication
      • Parts
      • Finance and Administration
      • Sales and Management

If you like what you see so far, check out CAL’s current vacancies here »

 If the right role for you is not listed, register your interest and they’ll notify you when something new becomes available.

Useful School Subjects

  • Maths
  • Workshop and practical subjects
  • Automotive

Joining CAL Means..

  • A Team that feels like family
  • A place to spend your days doing what you love
  • Many opportunities for learning and advancement

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