Etco are the electrical training experts –  the largest electrical training provider in New Zealand – providing both employment AND training.

Etco employs apprentices and places them with host companies via a group apprenticeship scheme. Their mission is to develop and educate people to be the best in their industry and that commitment has helped thousands of Etco apprentices and students achieve outstanding results across the industry.

Apprentice training is a combination of on-the-job training through placements with electrical companies and contractors, and off-the-job training. This involves study at home, attending our night classes and block courses at eight training centres nationwide.


Etco apprentices have exposure to three Pathways within the Electrical sector. Click on each to see what you will be doing in each Pathway


Your on-the-job training will change day by day as your gain experience indoors and outdoors. You could be wiring a new sound system, retrofitting new data cabling or wiring a new home. Your work will touch every part of people’s daily lives, including lighting, television, refrigeration, music and the internet. 


From fitting out new hi-rise apartment towers to shopping centres and restaurants, you’ll be challenged with projects ranging from straightforward to technically challenging. You could be working on electrical vehicle installations, solar panels, marine and in the rural sector.


This sector is highly diverse, covering industries from manufacturing and agriculture to mining and production lines. The type of work opportunities are endless; maintaining large industrial operations, designing electrical installations, working in power stations, testing equipment for safety and more.

Apprentices receive extensive instruction, supervision and support throughout all stages of their training which involves a series of assignments, assessments and examinations.


Hey guys, I’m Harry, a recently qualified Etco Apprentice and employee at Richmond Barr Electrical in Hamilton…

What are some key things you learned in your apprenticeship so far?

First thing is always ask whatever questions you have. I believe this allows you to learn a lot of essential knowledge, and also prompts your mentors to educate you on things that might not stand out to them. Most importantly, it’s what will drive you towards being a confident trades person.

The other thing is always apply yourself. It’s always beneficial to get stuck in, no matter how easy or difficult the job is, and it’s the fastest way to become more efficient at all tasks we are required to complete.

What sort of work do you do?

Working at Richmond Barr has diversified my knowledge as we do a range of work here such as industrial, commercial, data, audio, catering and new housing. I believe this is key to forming a well-rounded an educated trades person, as it’s the best way to learn is by doing and applying concepts from one part of our job to another.

What are your career goals?

After completing my apprenticeship I am interested in furthering my studies towards an electrical engineering degree as this has always been a goal of mine and will allow me to continue to find success throughout my life.

What are some of the highlights of your apprenticeship so far?

One of the best things I have been involved with during my apprenticeship is an award-winning, heavily automated chicken farm complex. This job was unique for me and paved the way to becoming the trades person I am today. I learned a large variety of skills there and they are all skills I can take into different aspects of our day-to-day tasks. Another thing that stands out is the completion of the Tristram Marine Service Centre in Hamilton. This is the first job where I found a sense of leadership and a greater understanding of the entire scope of work. To be heavily involved in a project and come out of it seeing such a high standard of work really provides a great sense of accomplishment for an apprentice.

what do you need to become an etco apprentice?


  • The drive to succeed in an in-demand and growing industry
  • Eight credits in NCEA Level 2 in Maths, Science and English, or their equivalent
  • A restricted manual licence or a full licence. Have your own car and the ability to drive a manual vehicle.
  • New Zealand residency or citizenship


If you do not meet the above criteria then please click here  to view Etco’s Foundation Programme, which can be a great option for those wanting to enter the electrical industry but who require a bit more focus on strengthening their off-the-tools knowledge and skills.

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