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Travelling through Aotearoa and seeing other strong women working on our country’s roads is everyday mahi inspiration for Fulton Hogan chip runner Moira Heta.

FutureForce® caught up with the former Hillcrest High School student, of Ngāti Hauā, to find out what it’s like being one of Fulton Hogan’s team of 9500-plus delivering high-quality infrastructure to improve the lives of people around them and afar, every day.

“I’ve been brought up outdoors and I never wanted to work an inside job. And I was inspired by seeing women out on the roads, it’s kind of empowering. Seeing other women out there made me think, ‘I can do that too!'”

The FutureForce® Team caught up with Moira Heta to find out more…  

Moira Heta
Chip Runner

Top Career Tip

“Team work is important, if you don’t know what to do, just come over and ask.”

A Chat with Moira about her role

Moira Heta
Chip Runner
Former Hillcrest High School student

Tell us about your job?

I’m a chip runner so I basically control what the end-product is on the road and guide our truck drivers, so they don’t crash! The role is called chip runner, but you don’t actually run! You just guide the trucks on the road and control the ratings, how much chip comes out on the floor, the speed the truck drivers go and making sure they don’t hit powerlines, overheads, trees, or anything like that.

What’s it like being out on the roads?

It’s a physical and a mental game and it’s a lot about your mentality. It’s also technical – you’ve got to work with trucks and work with the drivers. Different drivers, the different trucks, the different ratings, the speeds, and the different types of roads that we’re fixing. So, you’ve got a lot to think about!

So where do you see this going in terms of your career?

I’m not too sure, but I would like to drive trucks. Drive a truck, the diggers… all that stuff. Well, that’s my goal anyway. Through this job you get all the opportunities to do that.

What got you interested in this role at Fulton Hogan?

I like being outdoors, that was it really. I’ve been brought up outdoors and I never wanted to work like in an inside job. And I was inspired by seeing women out on the roads, it’s kind of empowering. Seeing other women out there made me think, ‘I can do that too!’

What are some of the highlights of the job?

The travelling. We get to go out every day, everywhere. I like travelling, the stay aways, the trips we do. We’ve been up north, we’ve been down to Taupo, across to Raglan. You see heaps of scenery and you see beaches and forests. It’s not the same place every single day. As well, the long hours mean money!

What do you enjoy about working at Fulton Hogan?

Heaps! It’s a good company and they help you a lot by upskilling you. Great people work here. Everyone is very nice. They encourage you in your work ethic and encourage you to progress, like going for your licenses, so you can do the stuff you want to do.


Chip sealing is the process of spraying bitumen, with crushed stone “chips” onto the surface of a road. Firstly, a thin layer of bitumen is spread onto the existing road. Then a layer of sealing chip is applied onto the bitumen. The sealing chips are rolled into the bitumen to provide initial bond. The road is then re-opened to traffic. Loose chips are swept up. Further sealing chip compaction occurs with managing the traffic over the site.


Tips and Advice

What advice would you give to someone first starting out work?
  • Come to work every day
  • Use your time wisely
  • Be on time
  • Be strong minded
  • Don’t be scared
What would your advice be for dealing with challenges at work?

Find someone to talk to. Don’t be scared to talk to your boss – they are people too. They are interested in helping you work through your challenges. Everyone has them.

What are some skills you might need coming into this work?

Common sense, that’s the main skill you need. When I started, I didn’t know anything, but I had common sense so I could learn. You can learn by watching others. It’s important to have initiative to just get up and go. So, if you see someone shoveling you just go over and help. Team work is important and, if you don’t know what to do, just come over and ask.

What school subjects should someone take for this job?

Maths is probably the most important one.

Join the Team at Fulton Hogan!

Fulton Hogan are always on the lookout for people who are passionate about the work they do. If that’s you, become part of the family and join them in the good work they do!

For more info check out more about Fulton Hogan here

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