Balance is vital for smashing work goals!

Maintaining a healthy balance in life is important for busy maintenance engineering apprentice Logan Beere.

The former Melville High School student and PACT Packaging Team Member says getting good sleep and having a balanced social life is essential when you’re starting out at work.

“Stay focused! Just stick your head down and don’t let anyone distract you or get in the way of what you’re doing. I had to get used to the routine of waking up and starting early so getting good hours of sleep is important.”

Logan is smashing out his goals in year two of his apprenticeship with PACT Packaging, part of the award-winning PACT Group of companies making a difference to millions of people every day by supplying all sorts packaging for many of the world’s most respected brands.

Logan’s role is to repair, replace and maintain equipment at the Hamilton-based business, which is committed to developing and supplying innovative and sustainable packaging, reuse and recycling solutions for the global market.

The FutureForce® Team caught up with Logan at work to find out more…

Logan Beere

Maintenance Engineer Apprentice

Top Career Tip

“Just stick your head down and do it. Don’t let anyone distract you or get in the way of what you’re doing.”

A Chat with Logan about his role

Logan Beere

Former Melville High School student

What is a Maintenance Engineer?

Basically, if there is anything that needs to be repaired in other areas of the facility, it can be brought in to be repaired or completely replaced, and that’s my job! I either fix stuff or make new or improved parts for it. For example, motors, hydraulic pumps, pneumatic pumps, brackets… a bunch of different things.

What got you interested in this career path?

I just like how it’s hands on, straight forward and you can just get straight into it. I like mechanics and looking at how things work. I was originally offered this job placement when I was on my course at Vision College.

What have you learnt on the job?

Being hands on, I’ve learned a lot more on the job than when I was studying. Pneumatics and hydraulics, I didn’t really know much about before now. I learnt how to improve my welding skills and a lot about machining.

Hydraulics is basically a way to create energy from liquid. So there’s liquid inside a massive cylinder and the liquid pushes up against a plate which goes back and forth and creates the energy. Pneumatics is kind of the same thing but instead it’s compressed air and it’s used to create energy inside a cylinder.

What challenges have you had to overcome?

Mainly a few mathematical challenges – pay attention at school! I had to get used to the routine of waking up and starting early. Getting good hours of sleep and going to bed early enough is important. Make sure you’re listening to everyone. Just be focussed.

What do you love about your job?

Mainly working on hydraulics, pneumatics and welding. At the course at Vision College I was mainly focusing on my welding, but I go back and forward on it now. With the hydraulics and pneumatics I just find it satisfying.

What do you like most working at Pact Group?

It’s good to finish a job and always have something else to do afterwards, I like to keep myself busy. I’ve also got some good colleagues I like to work alongside. My apprenticeship is going good so far. I’ve almost finished my second year.


Using locally sourced recycled content, PACT tailors packaging solutions for a huge variety of products in the following markets:

  • Dairy & Beverage
  • Fresh Food
  • Processed Food
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Household & Industrial
  • Home Care
  • Bulk Packaging

Sustainable practices are integrated into everything they design and manufacture. Processing local recycled material guarantees whole-of-life-packaging solutions delivered at scale to the quality and environmental standards customers demand.

Find out more:

Tips & Advice

What sort of person do you need to be for this type of work?
  • Have a good background in technology
  • Stay focused
  • Be keen to learn
  • Straight-forward with everyone
  • Have a good relationship with people in the workshop
Any useful school subjects?

Metal technology – that’s how it all started, and I became fascinated with it.

What advice do you have for keeping balance/managing stress?

Always have good amounts of sleep and keep the balance with a healthy social life. Social life with work is always a good balance. Always ask for help when you need it!