Plumbing Careers

There’s a massive skills shortage in the Plumbing Trades and Waikato (and the rest of New Zealand) will be in some serious trouble in a few years if no one does anything about it.

With a large number of construction projects expected to commence, activity in this sector will increase 4.5% annually into 2023, but only if we address the MASSIVE SKILLS SHORTAGE we currently face.

We need 30% more qualified plumbers right now – that’s 2000+ people – to keep up.

So, if you’ve ever thought a trade might be for you, it’s a perfect time to consider plumbing, gas fitting and drain laying.

Plumbers, gasfitters and drainlayers work in varied locations and every job is different. Work involves putting pipe systems in new houses, renovating older houses or working on commercial job sites.   IT’S FUN. IT’S DIFFERENT. YOU LEARN A LOT… and you aren’t a poor student! YOU HAVE AN INCOME and when you finish your training your debt will be minimal compared to your friends who went and got a degree…

There’s also HUGE EARNING POTENTIAL for a plumber – by age 30 your income and financial position will be better than a medical graduate! Plumbing also pays a very good salary if you are self-employed so the rewards are there if you put in the hard work. One day you could be running a successful business and won’t even need to get your hands dirty on the tools!  It’s an awesome place to be.

What makes a great plumber? Someone who is:

» A fast learner
» Good at solving problems
» Patient
» Practical
» A good communicator and listener
» Relatively fit
» Reliable

At least another 2000 plumbers are needed nationwide to meet the current demand. So, with the help of Plumbing World New Zealand, two well-known Kiwi tradies have been travelling the country in a campervan in a bid to inspire the next generation.

Reporter Jordan Oppert joined ‘Tradies Up Tour’ to find out what they’re all about.


Launched in 2014, Young Plumbers is focused on upskilling, engaging and supporting the next generation of plumbers, gas fitters and drain layers. It’s no secret, a large proportion of the plumbing industry is set to retire in the coming decade so now’s the time to put your hand up as one of our future leaders and get to know the industry at a deeper level.

Spearheaded by Plumbing World, Young Plumbers is focused on future-proofing the NZ plumbing industry – starting out as a social club for local tradies.  With Plumbing World behind the programme running events in local areas it has since become so much more than just a place to grab a bite and a drink.

Working with industry suppliers, well known international and national brands, and plumbers and tradespeople, Plumbing World’s whole aim is to support the NZ Plumbing industry and add value to your business and developing career. Young Plumbers was created to get our valued young industry members more involved in the industry’s ongoing development.


Building a career and business can be daunting, so Young Plumbers is here to help the next generation of tradespeople find their place in the industry faster. By working together right from the start we can collectively build our industry to better support everyone’s long-term future.

The aim? A vibrant industry where businesses and trade careers thrive, and positively contribute to the overall NZ economy.