Midland Community Pharmacy Group aims to support pharmacists and pharmacies with the end goal of improving the health outcomes of patients.

Pharmacy is an essential part of the healthcare system that involves the manufacture, supply, appropriate use and effects of medicine on people. The role of a pharmacist has evolved and changed over the years. We now see trained pharmacists undertaking many different roles and functions.

Pharmacists can work with patients in:
Local pharmacies, general practice (doctors’ surgeries), rest homes, marae-based clinics, primary health organisations, hospitals, and some pharmacists visit patients in their homes.

Other pharmacists may work in:
Research roles, information and IT roles, management roles, the pharmaceutical industry, government and other health organisations, or teach at universities.






Top Career Tip

“Learn about yourself first, your likes and dislikes, and how you prefer to work. Find a job that fits you rather than trying to fit a job.”

A Chat with bellina about her role

Bellina Lu

Mobile Medicines Management Pharmacist, Community Pharmacist

What got you interested in this career?

I always had an interest in Health Sciences and I wanted to help people. I learnt clinical knowledge and now I apply that in my career.

What school subjects are relevant to your work?

Biology, chemistry (plays a part when studying but not so much at work), basic maths, English for communication.

Did you do any relevant study after school?

I did a Bachelor of Pharmacy at Otago University and for my Mobile Medicines Management I did a post graduate certificate in Pharmacy endorsed in Medicines Management and a post graduate diploma in Clinical Pharmacy.

What does a day on the job look like for you?
  • I visit patients in their homes and have a chat with them about their medicines and what they understand about the medication.
  • I negotiate a medicine routine that is clinically appropriate but also fits with their lifestyle.
  • I visit maraes and patient support groups to do talks on medication.
  • I support pharmacists in the area.
  • I do paperwork and office work.
What type of person would you recommend pursue a career like yours?

Someone who:

  • enjoys meeting people
  • likes seeing the ‘other side of the coin’ in different people’s lives
  • likes to help people
  • has empathy
  • is a good listener
  • has an interest in science
What advice would you give to someone deciding on their career?

Research different jobs, speak to people and make sure the job fits with your personality. Be aware of, and prepared for, the responsibilities and stressors that come with the job.

Bellina’s Career Pathway


During the summer holidays at university I worked as a caregiver as I knew this would help with my interest in Health Sciences. I also volunteered for the university peer support group for study skills.



Completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) at Otago University.


After I got my degree in pharmacy I completed an internship in Ashburton.


I became a registered pharmacist and worked in Oamaru as a Community Pharmacist.


Completed my Postgraduate Certificate in Pharmacy endorsed in Medicines Management via part-time distance learning through the University of Otago.

Became Medicines Use Review Accredited*.


Moved to Hamilton to work in my current role as a Mobile Medicines Management Pharmacist and Community Pharmacist.


Completed Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy via part-time distance learning.

* This means she is accredited to undertake and deliver Medicines Use Review (MUR’s) to patients.


 Experience and qualifications

To qualify as a pharmacist you need to:

  • Complete a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Auckland or University of Otago
  • Complete an internship of one year working in a hospital or community pharmacy
  • Register with the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand

Useful Experience

Useful, but not required

  • Pharmacy technician and pharmacy assistant work
  • Any customer service experience
  • Any work in the health industry

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